Controller, LED RGB with Remote NEW

Controller, LED RGB with Remote NEW





Product Features :
1. Use wireless remote control in 30 meters, or control by the keys on the controller panel.
2. Three Channels RGB control . Constant voltage driver ,Max 6A each channel.
3. Up to 31 changing models to select , 256 grey level changing.
4. Each model can select changing speed and overall brightness separately.
5. 8 Level brightness and speed adjustment.
6. Change and Pause function.
7. Mode , Suspend protection ,memory function.
8. Soft switch function.

Key Description:
STUDY: Check code function(Use with remote controller)
The main function of this key is to make the lighting controller to
achieve correspondence with the wireless remote controller so that other radio interference affecting their performance can be prevented. In using, switch on first and press the STUDY key on the controller panel, then just press any button on the remote controller.
ON/OFF①: Turn the controller on/off
MODE②: Switch to the next model
Pause③: Keep the current color
BRT: Change brightness level
④+: Increase brightness by one level
⑤-: Decrease brightness by one level
SPD : Change speed level
⑥+: Increase speed by one level
⑦-: Decrease speed by one level
1: Please clear code before check code when using HM-12RGB6A3-RC-3! The way of clear code: Hold down the STUDY key, automatically clear code successfully after 20 seconds.
2: The way of check code: Hold down the STUDY key; press any transmitter key (Successfully check code after 4 to 5 seconds).

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 1.6 × 1.2 in

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