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Led Border, Led power supplies, Led Sign light and more.

Looking for flexible border tube lighting to replace neon or LED lighting strips & modules for window light, building enhancement, to create a great sign or another favorite project?
We have your lighting solution. We also carry LED animated and programable signs and more. LED lighting is super bright, very thin and always useful! With Borderline Lighting Products, you’ll find everything you've been looking for , a friendly conversation, some one to bounce your ideas off whether for personal, commercial or residential needs.
Affordable LED, shipped fast, savvy consumers depend on us for their LED lighting needs.

With window LED lights and flexible border lighting, you can also highlight shelves, cabinets or work areas quickly and easily. Useful indoors or outdoor. Our LED provide an inexpensive and durable solution for display and/or safety. And because they’re from Borderline Lighting, you know they’re engineered for excellence-shipped fast and priced with your budget in mind.

NEXT day delivery available. As a reliable source that provides bright, clear light at a very low current, our led products work well both indoors and outdoors. Simple to install, consistently effective lighting technique that serves a variety of uses.

Find out why so many customers consider our company their “go-to” for the LED lights that really make a difference.
If you or your client want too stand out from the crowd contact us today with any questions about our LED light inventory. Let's talk about how to best utilize LED light in a sign, your home or work environment. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of valued customers!

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